SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the complex activity of engineering the markup code inside website pages, with the purpose of helping the read process from crawlers and spiders and therefore giving better content to the final web surfer.
SEO is a middle-long term activity; it needs a startup period more or less during 8 weeks but advantages of this activity can last for long time after the completion of intervention. Optimization is made of many different technical operations made on the source code, on web contents and hyper-textual structure (interaction technologies included).

DAO stands for Digital Asset Optimization: is the activity that helps to identify and optimize all your digital assets. The goal here is to reach all your possible customers via many different channels.
The digital optimization in general is functional to ranking in search engine results and in other channels, that is proportional to the visibility of product and service promoted.
Through informative niche channels as Blogs, Forums or Social Networks as for example Facebook or LinkedIn, is really possible boosting up the ranking and own visibility in the Web.