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Differences between functional programming languages

Years ago we wrote a simple article explaining differences between function composition in Elixir and Javascript. Now it’s 2002 and the chat-GPT3 bot is out, so we decided to test it with the following task: “what is the best functional language in terms of flexibility regarding as example function composition or currying. Explain differences between […]

December 4, 2022 elixir, functional, gpt3

JQuery Mobile Apps: panel push only the content of the page – not header and footer

Normally the JQuery Mobile Widget Panel re-positions¬†the header and footer of the page relatively. Here is how to leave fixed the header and footer of a JQuery Mobile Application and move just the content when displaying a panel. A solution is to¬†overwrite a method of the panel widget object in a separate js file, like […]

December 6, 2016 Blog, javascript, mobile, responsive

Magento js validation for decimal numbers – only

Magento prototype validation fix for decimal numbers.

November 22, 2016 Blog, javascript, magento

Closures in PHP, Javascript and Elixir

Closures are one of the fundamental building blocks of functional programming techniques. A Closure is a construct that permits to bind the definition of a function together a particular scope, normally implemented via anonymous functions. They are particularly important, for example in the implementation of event callbacks. Let’s see how they work in three different […]

Function composition in Javascript and Elixir

Function composition is a programming technique that could be very useful and very expressive at the same time. Essentially it consists to combine N simple (unary and hopefully pure) functions making the output of a function being the input for another one. To make working function composition in Javascript we need to extend the Function […]

Setup a Magento Special Price Products Page Howto

How to setup a page showing the “special price products” in Magento.   First step: Create a new page named “Specials” (or whatever you want) in Admin->CMS->Pages and insert into “Custom Layout XML” field this code: <reference name=”content”> <block after=”-” type=”catalog/product_list” name=”” alias=”offerte” template=”catalog/product/specials.phtml”> <action method=”setProductsCount”><count>15</count></action> </block> </reference> select your layout (2, 3 columns ) […]

October 9, 2012 9 comments Blog, magento

WordPress responsive theme, LESS compiler and iPhone 3 (iOs 4.3) issues

This wordpress website is powered by the amazing bootstrap responsive wordpress theme from 320press, that I personally thank for the great work. Our goal was to render a professional-like website with wordpress and at the same time achieve to have a responsive layout on phones and tablets, so we installed the theme and all works […]

Magento 1.7 enabling store code URL rewrite bug in frontend and backend

    In Magento 1.7 and earlier versions, when you enable the “Add Store Code to Urls” feature in Configuration->Web panel there are two minor bugs that affect your web store. Changing language (store view) in frontend produce a 404 error Download links of product options file in backend does not work: redirect you to […]

September 11, 2012 10 comments Blog, bug, magento

Howto add tripadvisor resume to your hotel listings wordpress site

In the last days we digged into deeps of Tripadvisor API adding a wordpress widget to our Koh Samui directory project: Until now did not have time to package the function as a wordpress plugin, besides can share the work done. First of all: exists already a good plugin for wordpress. But it lacks […]

Customer Feedback Service: increase your Hotel positive reviews rating on Tripadvisor

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