Are You an Hotel, Resort Owner or Manager?

In recent years most of the travellers inform on online resources like Tripadvisor before planning a trip.

Your presence and the customer’s reviews in such websites is more important every day.

Would you like to increase your Hotel online reputation?

This Service is dedicated to you.

How it works

We position ourselves between the hotel and its end customers through facilitating customer feedback and tracking a number of positive reviews over a certain period of time.

How do you ensure, for example, 20 reviews?

Based on our studies, we have refined a method to stimulate your customers to release their reviews.
It is based on the principle of maximum convenience in writing the reviews. Taking into account that some clients consult reviews, but have never written. From statistics about our customers, 10% of end users correctly urged releases a review, and keep already account a margin of safety. To get to 20 must be inserted at least 200 emails “valid” within a year.

Ask the hotel to provide

  • the clients e-mail in recent months, which wants to have a feedback (we are not spammers: don’t  use emails in another way)
  • the 3/4 strengths of your business (for profiling the customer requests)
  • some indications about the geolocation (eg, at the sea, near airport, on the hills, etc..)

That’s all. Wait for feedback and improve your business!

In which languages the customers will be contacted?

The service is currently available in English, German, French, Russian and Italian.

Why should I do it?

Why 1 Traveller on 3 takes information on Tripadvisor before leaving for holidays and the percentage is constantly growing.

Why could I not make by myself, fake?

Firsts of all because it is not honest, moreover could be a crime and lastly Tripadvisor blocks fake reviews and the accounts that did it.

WE DO NOT provide fake reviews at all.


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